Friday, May 23, 2014

Unit V PQ2 help

**This is just the derivative.  You still have to find whatever the problem asks for specifically**

This is #23, which is similar to 27 and 28

This is #24, which is similar to 25 and 26

Monday, May 19, 2014

Help next years' students - get us Chromebooks!

Hi Students, Parents, and Families,

I just posted my first DonorsChoose project to help get Chromebooks into my classroom to help my students delve deeper into math and further their understanding!  Read all about my project and donate here  Even $5 can go a long way!  Thank you for helping!

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Questions? Please ask!

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Unit U Boot Camps

To sign up for boot camps, log in to edmodo and click on the link (not posted publicly due to student names)

Preview/print your boot camp packet here

Sessions will be 30-45 minutes each.

MONDAY - 3pm - Concepts 1-4.  We will focus on Graphically evaluating limits, including regular limits, one-sided limits, values, types of discontinuities, and intervals of continuity.  We will also review evaluating limits numerically on a table

TUESDAY - 3pm  - Concepts 5-8.  We will focus on algebraically evaluating limits using Direct Substitution, Factoring/Dividing Out, and Rationalizing/Conjugate.  Problems will be all mixed together just like on your test.  We will also go over limits at infinity and the two types of difference quotient problems that will be on your test.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Unit U Piecewise Assignment - HOT examples

Example of some HOT observations:
    1. My graph only has two jump discontinuities because even though it changes equation at x=1, the limit and the value are the same.  The Limit as x → 1 is 4 and f(1)=4
    2. My graph has values (actual heights) at all x-values except for at x=2.  This is because there is a jump discontinuity and each side of the graph ends with an open circle.  The value at x=2 is undefined.
    3. My graph has no infinite discontinuities because those only exist at vertical asymptotes and the functions included in my graph (constant, linear, quadratic, square root) do not have vertical asymptotes.