Saturday, May 26, 2012


Welcome 2012-2013 Math Analysis Honors Students!

Please click the tab up top labeled "Summer: Units A,B,C,D" for all of your information.

Very Important To-Do List

1. Pick up and sign out summer packet from Mrs. Kirch (manila folder with letter and 4 packets).  I am in Room D-309 and you can stop by any morning, lunch, or after school that I am on campus.

2. Sign up for the Edmodo group (group code on letter)

3. Watch the "intro" video on the "Summer: Units A,B,C,D" page. [STEP 1]

4. Fill out the Student Information Form on the "Summer: Units A,B,C,D" page. [STEP 2]

5. For those of you who need a little more "visual" explanation of what you going to do and how the heck you are going to "turn in" assignments online, please watch this. I hope it helps... [STEP 3]

6. There is a short "How to get the most out of the videos" video that you need to watch before you begin working on your summer packet.  Watch it now, later, or both! [STEP 4]

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