Unit M

Links to Important Documents:

WSQ chart, SSS packets and templates Unit M SSS (blank copy)
Unt M PQ packet
Unit M WSQ chart
Unit M PT packet (you must print)
Unit M Collaborative Answer Key Template (use if you want to make it nice!)

Answer keys - PQ and PT Unit M PQ3-6 "rough answer key" - doesn't include everything but should help!
Unit M PQ Collaborative Answer Key
Unit M PT Answer Keys- Unit M portion (wkst only)
Unit M PT review Answer Key video playlist

Unit M WSQ chat activities - problems + solutions (at end)
Extra Practice Unit M Extra Practice Problems
INCLUDING video answer key!
(look at problems on answer key 
worksheet first, then try them)

Online WSQ tutorials

WATCH/READ WITH CONCEPTS 1 AND 2 (included in Sophia tutorial):

Additional websites, videos, and resources to help you learn
Awesome Applets to play around with!

Reminders for completing the square for each of the conic sections

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