Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Missing Assignments on Tracking Spreadsheet - due by Friday at 4pm!

Remember, when you turn in a link to a specific post, it should look something like this:





Click the proper links below to turn in anything you are missing!

Summer pq work
Student Info   About Me   WPP1   WPP2  
 WPP3   WPP4   SP1   SP2

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Clarifications on Blog Post Grading - PLEASE READ

A few notes on Blog Post Grading, since the first unit (E) has ended and any missing assignments have been marked as "Zeroes".  (Please don't say I didn't warn you, since I told you this would be occurring this weekend...)
  • Students are given deadlines for turning in blog posts to the GoogleForm, as well as deadlines for the grading.  Late submissions are still accepted for full credit; the deadlines are in place to guide students and keep them on track so they do not get stressed and overwhelmed with too much to do at the end of a chapter.  Under certain circumstances there will be consequences for late work (i.e. homework cards), but no grade penalty.  There will never be consequences given for a student whose partner hasn't done their part.  (This doesn't mean they don't have to complete the assignment, it means they need to talk to Mrs. Kirch about getting a new partner!)
  • Scores are input about every other day as I receive the peer grading worksheets.  The peer grading is the initial evaluation.  Once I receive them, I go through them myself to agree with or change the peer-given score.  Students also receive a score for their work in solving the problem and evaluating the partner's work in writing.  Scores are NOT input in the gradebook until (1) I receive the peer grading sheet and (2) I go through the peer grading sheet myself.  If a peer grading sheet is not submitted, a student will not have a score for the blog post even if they have turned in their link to the Google Form.  The peer grading sheet is the document that allows Mrs. Kirch to do the actual grading.  The submission on the GoogleForm is so Mrs. Kirch has easy access to all the posts for the future.
  • At the end of the chapter, I give students a "final deadline" before I mark any missing assignments as zeroes.  Assignments can still be graded and submitted after that point, but until that is done the grade shows up as a 0%.  The "final deadline" is usually a Friday afternoon at 4pm, so I can have the weekend to finish going through all of the submissions and fully update the gradebook.
  • Students are responsible for making sure their grading partner for that unit has evaluated their work.  If they are concerned about this not getting done, they have been instructed to contact me via email with a request to do the initial grading for their blog post.  It is nice to include the direct link to the blog post that needs to be graded as well.  This emailing should occur on the evening of the Unit Test if their partner has yet to submit the grading, as that is 1-3 days before the "final deadline" occurs.
  • Students are also responsible for grading their partner's blog post.  If their partner is not meeting the deadlines and the students do not want to wait for them any longer, they can request a new partner from Mrs. Kirch.  This request should happen no later than the day of the Unit Test, so the grading can occur before the "final deadline" passes.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, as a friendly reminder:

It is the STUDENT'S responsibility to complete the blog posts on time
It is the STUDENT'S responsibility to complete the peer grading on time
It is the STUDENT'S responsibility to make sure their partner has done the peer grading
It is the STUDENT'S responsibility to make sure the grades in AERIES are accurate
It is the STUDENT'S responsibility to ask Mrs. Kirch to do the initial grading of their blog post if their partner hasn't
It is the STUDENT'S responsibility to ask Mrs. Kirch for a new partner in class if their partner is not posting their work on time.

I am here to support your learning and success in this course.  I have seen some absolutely excellent work thus far this year.  Please make sure you are taking responsibility for yourself.  It will cause you much less stress in the future :)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Student Problem 1: Due on blog BEFORE class Tuesday 9/10, Grading due in class on Wednesday 9/11 (Euler Partner)

*LOOK ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE - do you see where it says "****Instructions for all math blog posts"? (I even put stars next to it!) Yep, go there!

Also, you will want to read "Blog Tips and Tricks" for picture taking, picture uploading, etc (also on the right hand side!)

Here's where you're looking...

Student Problem (20 points, 8 points for grading)

  • Title your blog post: SP# __: Unit __ Concept __: _____________________ (description of concept).
  • Label your blog post “SP”
  • *Requires a blog post with text & images to explain problem, as well as two 3-4 sentence paragraphs: (1) What is this problem about? and (2) What does the viewer need to pay special attention to in order to understand?

  • SP1: Unit E Concept 1
    • Write your own quadratic in standard form.  You will need to complete the square to put it in vertex (“graphable”) form, so choose values of a and b that will divide nicely with each other.  Your problem must include a graph, as well as a list of all identifying features: vertex form equation, vertex, a note whether the vertex is a max or a min, and the x-intercepts (both exact and approximate values).  You are highly encouraged to use the “template” to complete this problem.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Unit A and B Re-Assessment Specifics

The Re-Assessment for Units A and B will NOT be a traditional reassessment.  It does not require an application (see previous post for details on re-assessments in general for the year).

Here are the requirements:

  1. Students must re-watch the videos from the summer for the concepts they missed on the test.  This must be done BEFORE the tutoring session for that specific section.
  2. Students must attend the tutoring sessions for the specific concepts/#'s they missed on the test.  This is required.  Plan ahead to ensure to attend the sessions.
  3. ReAssessment is on Friday, September 13th at 7:15am and lunch.  Students must print their own test template (see right side of blog).

#1-3 (Concepts 1-3), #4 (Concept 4), #5-6 (Concept 5) - Wednesday, September 4th; 7:20am
#7-8 (Concepts 6-7) - Thursday, September 5th; 7:20am
#9-12 (Concept 9) - Friday, September 6th; 7:20am
#13-14 (Concept 10) - Monday, September 9th, 7:20am

#15 (Concepts 1-2) - Tuesday, September 10th, 7:20am
#16-17 (Concept 3) - Tuesday, September 10th, 3:00pm
#18-21 (Concepts 4-5) - Wednesday, September 11th, 7:20am

For students who received less than a 35/50 on each Unit, a re-assessment is REQUIRED.  Any student receiving 35/50 or higher may still choose to re-assess by following the protocol above.

Re-Assessments will be split up as follows.  This means that you only take the sections that you did poorly on.  Some of you will retake all 9 sections; some of you will only retake 1 section, etc.  Please ask for clarification as needed.

SECTION 1 - #1-3
SECTION 2 - #4
SECTION 3 - #5-6
SECTION 4 - #7-8
SECTION 5 - #9-12
SECTION 6 - #13-14

SECTION 1 - #15
SECTION 2 - #16-17

SECTION 3 - #18-21