Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Winter Break Work

**If any document you need is missing, please let me know ASAP**

If your grade is currrently a 73% or below... [as of Sunday night, December 15th, 2013 when Mrs. Kirch updates the grades]

  1. Final Exam Review Packet Version 1
    1. Please do work in the actual packet.  Staple paper to the back of the packet if you need more space for any problems
  2. Final Exam Review Packet Version 2
    1. Please do work in the actual packet.  Staple paper to the back of the packet if you need more space for any problems
  3. Unit L Test (2012-2013 version 1) 
    1. There is some space on the questions sheet to do the work.  If you want extra space, I would suggest printing out a test template to do the work on so you get practice working on it.  If you choose not to print the template, I would still look at the template so you know what to expect.
    2. Check answers here page 1 page 2 page 3 page 4
      1. **The question about the asymptote actually wants you to find the SLANT asymptote, not the horizontal asymptote :)  The answer key IS correct.
  4. Re-assessment preparation
    1. Signed letter home (due by Thursday before break)
    2. Semester 1 Concept Chart (must be completed by Thursday before break)
    3. Get a manila folder from Mrs. Kirch and borrow a copy of the test questions for all units of which you have imperfect concepts.  You can borrow versions 1,2, and 3 if it is available.  Keep in the manila folder so you can return after break.  If you prefer to just take a picture of all the questions, you can do that as well.
      1. Answer Keys to all Version 1 and 2 test questions
      2. Selected Test Question Sheets (let me know if you need one)
        1. Unit A-B, C-D Version 1 
        2. Unit A-B, C-D Version 2
        3. Unit E Version 1
          1. Problem #2 equation is on the answer key document 
          2. Problem #3 - You have 460 feet of buoy to rope off a rectangular swimming area where the beach forms one side of the rectangle.  What are the dimensions of the largest swimming area you can make?
        4. Unit E Version 2
        5. Unit F Version 1
        6. Unit F Version 2
        7. *Unit G Version 2 - no actual test questions. Use extra practice problems in turquoise box of Unit G Tab (linked here)
        8. Unit H Version 1
        9. Unit H Version 2
        10. Unit I Version 1
        11. Unit I Version 2
        12. Unit J Version 1
        13. Unit J Version 2
        14. Unit J Version 3
        15. Unit K Version 1
        16. Unit K Version 2
    4. Bring entire portfolio home and work through the concepts you need to re-assess on by doing the following:
      1. Reviewing the SSS
      2. Reviewing the videos
      3. Test corrections
      4. Extra practice from additional versions of the test. 
    5. You must fill out a re-assessment half-sheet for every separate Unit Test you will be re-assessing on.  **Please note that this is a new, updated half sheet!**  Bring home several copies of the half-sheet so you can fill them out over break and have them ready to go
    6. Online re-assessment applications will not be required for these re-assessments.  On the day of your re-assessment, you must bring your half-sheet stapled to your original test.  The half-sheet must be filled out completely.
Re-assessment expectations:

  • All students with a 73% or lower are expected to re-assess for a minimum of 50 points missed. The lower your grade, the higher you should go above the minimum 50 points.
  • Re-assessments will occur on the following days and times.  A different half-sheet (and unit) is required for each separate time.  You may re-assess on two different units in the same re-assessment time slot if you are not doing that many problems. [Please note these dates and times are subject to change but I will try to have them set in stone before you leave for winter break]
    • Monday, January 13th - 7am (no tests can be started after7:15am, no exceptions)
    • Tuesday, January 14th - 7am  (no tests can be started after7:15am, no exceptions)
    • Tuesday, January 14th - 3pm (30 minutes only)
    • Wednesday, January 15th - 7am (no tests can be started after7:15am, no exceptions)
    • Wednesday, January 15th - 3pm (30 minutes only)
    • Thursday, January 16th - 7am (no tests can be started after7:15am, no exceptions)
    • Thursday, January 16th - 3pm (30 minutes only)
    • Friday, January 17th - 7am (no tests can be started after7:15am, no exceptions)
    • Tuesday, January 21st - 7am (no tests can be started after7:15am, no exceptions)
    • Tuesday, January 21st - 3pm (30 minutes only)
#1-3 (Concepts 1-3)
 #4 (Concept 4)
 #5-6 (Concept 5)
#7-8 (Concepts 6-7)
#9-12 (Concept 9)
#13-14 (Concept 10)


#15 (Concepts 1-2)
#16-17 (Concept 3)
#18-21 (Concepts 4-5)


#22-24 (Concept 1)
#25 (Concept 2)
#26 (Concept 3)
#27-29 (Concept 4)
#30-32 (Concept 5)  - DO NOT COUNT #30
#33-34 (Concept 6) - DO NOT COUNT AT ALL!
#35 (Concept 7) - DO NOT COUNT AT ALL!

#36 (Concept 1)
#37 (Concept 2)
#38-42 (Concept 3) - DO NOT COUNT #38 OR 42
#43-46 (Concept 4)
#47-48 (Concept 5)
#49-54 (Concept 6) - DO NOT COUNT #49,51, OR 54
#55 (Concept 7)

If your grade is a 73.1% or above...
  1. Final Exam Review Packet Version 1
    1. Please do work in the actual packet.  Staple paper to the back of the packet if you need more space for any problems
  2. Unit L Test (2012-2013 version 1) 
    1. There is some space on the questions sheet to do the work.  If you want extra space, I would suggest printing out a test template to do the work on so you get practice working on it.  If you choose not to print the template, I would still look at the template so you know what to expect.
    2. Check answers here page 1 page 2 page 3 page 4
      1. **The question about the asymptote actually wants you to find the SLANT asymptote, not the horizontal asymptote :)  The answer key IS correct.
    1. Final Exam Review Packet Version 2
    2. Re-assessments (guidelines listed above)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thanksgiving Break Work

Anything in RED is required.   
Anything in BLUE is extra credit.   
Anything in PURPLE is suggested based on your grade in the class.

Throughout the week, every day at a random time

See how you did here!
  • A Unit K Concept 3 problem will be automatically sent out on Edmodo every day.  Text or email Mrs. Kirch the proper general term to rack up some extra credit points... and get extra practice in the meantime!
  • You can also snap a picture of what you did and text or email it to me if you don't want to have to type it out
  • In your text, state: "EC #___: (answer). Give a one or two sentence explanation of your thought process.
#1-8 since some of them errored on Edmodo

  • Fibonacci Haiku - on blog
    • TITLE: "Fibonacci Haiku: _______________" (make a title for your Haiku)
    • LABEL "Fibonacci"
      • Write a “Fibonacci Haiku” with a minimum of 6 lines (1,1,2,3,5,8, etc syllables or words). 
      • Present on a blog post with appropriately cited illustrations or clip art. (This means you must include a link to where you got the image as the caption of the picture). VIDEO DIRECTIONS FOR INSERTING IMAGE
      • Content choice is up to you (make sure it is appropriate for school). 
      • Haiku must make sense from line to line, meaning that the end of the line should be a natural pause or break in the poem.
    • TURN IN: Submit Link here
  • Fibonacci Haiku voting
    •  You will be ranking the other 5 members of your table (where you sit in class) from least favorite to favorite.  Go to their blog before the deadline and read their Haiku.  Submit the form here.
    • Need to know your group members' names?  Check out the seating chart list here.
  • Fibonacci Beauty Ratio Blog Post (Extra Credit)
    • LABEL "Fibonacci"
    • Directions: "Put together a well-organized blog post with all of the measurements for your five friends (do not include pictures of them, unfortunately). At the end, decide which of your friends/relatives is the most “beautiful” based on the Beauty Ratio. Make sure to include units! Reflect on the results in a few sentences. Reflect on your opinion of the “Beauty Ratio” and the validity of it in a few sentences each."
  • Fibonacci Beauty Ratio Reflective Essay (Extra Credit)
    • LABEL "Fibonacci"
    • You must watch the FIRST video & read through the FIRST website. Then, pick ONE MORE VIDEO and ONE MORE WEBSITE from the list to watch/read. In 4 labeled paragraphs (use the title of the video/website as the title of the paragraph), summarize the information and interesting facts presented. Then, in a 5th paragraph, respond and reflect personally to the information you watched and read. Word count required at top of page. This is posted on your blog. LINKS TO ALL VIDEOS AND WEBSITES ARE FOUND ON THE CONCEPT 4 WSQ OR THE UNIT K HOME PAGE IN THE MENTORMOB PLAYLIST! 

  • "Work Ahead" to Concept 11 - WPP's 7 and 8 (Extra Credit)
    • must preview Concepts 5-9 to be able to do this

  • Unit K Concept 5 WSQ
  • Test Corrections for any unit you have yet to pass.  Email Mrs. Kirch if you did not get a copy of the test questions before you left.  Once you do your test corrections, do all the problems from the other version of the test.  Answer key will be provided upon request (text or email me).
    • Test corrections for Unit J Test + extra practice by doing the other TWO versions for each problem that you didn't do in class.  Full answer key will be provided upon request (text or email me).
    • You must print out THREE copies of the test template to do your corrections on.  Label each copy with Version 1, 2, 3, respectively.
    • You must fill out the UNIT J RE-ASSESSMENT HALF SHEET (print copy here) while doing your corrections.
      • You must make corrections on your original problems FIRST.  Label these as your original questions by putting a STAR next to them on the template.  (This is because you will be doing corrections on different templates based on which versions you used).
      • For the other versions (that you did not take in class), do the following:
        • If you got the ENTIRE concept correct, you do not need to redo those problems
        • If you missed ANY PART of the concept, you need to do ALL the problems from that concept even if you got that specific problem # right on the original test.
    • Test questions: Version 1      Version 2          Version 3




  • Preview all songs (there is a playlist of them below, or they are on each WSQ.  Some of them on the WSQ were recorded more recently and are different than those below) for concepts 5-9.  Singing the song to me is worth extra credit.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Schedule Change for Next Week

I will be gone on Tuesday, Nov 19th at a district meeting.  Thus, we need to change the schedule up a bit from what is on your WSQ charts.  Please plan for the following:

Monday, Nov 18th
  • Unit J review in class; last chance to ask questions!
  • Make sure you pick up your Unit K Stuff!
HW: Unit K WSQ Concepts 1-2

Tuesday, Nov 19th
  • Unit K PQ 1-2
  • Ask your classmates any of your questions, I will follow up on Thursday
  • ONCE YOU FINISH PQ 1-2, you may review for your Unit J test.  You must show the sub your completed work
HW: Finish studying for Unit J

Wednesday, Nov 20th
You may work on the test at THREE TIMES throughout the day.

7-7:50am (VERSION 1)
Class time (VERSION 2)
2:50-3:30pm (VERSION 3)

The test is split into four sections.  You must complete the entire section in one sitting with one version.
#1-4 (Concept 1-2)
#5-6 (2 matrices)
#7-9 (1 matrix + partial fraction decomposition)
#10-11 (review problems) 
Bonus Problems available

Every year, I have students who finish the test in one sitting during class time.  I also have students who spend all 3 hours on the test.  Make the choices you need to succeed.

Thursday, November 21st
  • Unit K PQ3
  • For hw, complete WSQ for Concept 4 + do as much of PQ4 as you can
    • **This WSQ includes the stuff in the green mentormob playlist... VERY VERY IMPORTANT!.
Friday, November 22nd
  • Finish PQ4
  • Fibonacci Haikus + blog post assignment
  • Fibonacci Beauty Ratio Activity (extra credit assignment for over break)
  • Post Fibonacci Haiku
  • EC - Beauty Ratio activity + reflective essay
  • Study/work on Concept 3... it's the toughest!
  • WSQ for Concept 5 due the Monday you return

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A suggested Unit J Practice Schedule:

  • Wed 11/6
    • CLASS- PQ3 #16-17
    • HOME - SSS page10-11 (4 examples, for WSQ 3-4b)
  • Thurs 11/7
    • CLASS - DP#1-3, Quiz 1
    • HOME - SSS page 12 (2 examples, for WSQ 3-4c), DP#4
  • Fri 11/8, Sat-Mon 11/9-11/11
    • CLASS -  PQ3 #19-20, Quiz 2
    • HOME -  SSS page 13 (for WSQ 3-4d), DP#5-7, SV5 recording
  • Tues 11/12
    • CLASS - PQ4 #1-3
    • HOME - DP#8-9, Practice Test Concept 1, SUBMIT WSQ FOR 3-4E (no video)
  • Wed 11/13
    • CLASS - DP#10-11
    • HOME - WSQ CONCEPT 5, SV5 grading
  • Thurs 11/14
    • CLASS - Concept 5 stuff (PQ'S, SP4)
    • HOME - WSQ CONCEPT 6, Practice Test Concept 2, DP#12
  • Fri 11/15, Sat-Sun 11/16-11/17
    • CLASS - Concept 6 stuff (PQ's, SP5)
    • HOME - Practice Test Concepts 3-4, SP4 grading, DP#13
  • Mon 11/18
    • CLASS - Practice Test Concepts 5-6+ review, SP5 grading
    • HOME - Catch- up, DP#14

Monday, November 4, 2013

Saturday, November 2, 2013

When does log(x-3) = logx - log3?

This was one of your bonus questions on the Unit I test...

See the answer, as well as where I got the question from, by visiting the blog here.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Blog Check up Assignment - DUE BY FRIDAY, 10/18/13

All students need to go back through their blog and make sure the following is updated and correct:

1. Your blog URL must be "first name last initial period # .".  If not, you must change it!  For example, if you are Maria Gonzalez, it MUST BE
    1. NOT
    2. NOT
    3. NOT
    4. NOT
    5. NOT

Example of a wrong URL:

2. On the RIGHT hand side, you should have the following gadgets.  To add one, go to "layout" and click on "add a gadget"

Here is what the five gadgets should look like.  The Welcome Message should be on top, followed by the Links, the Tags list, the Blog Archive, and the Total Pageviews.  Any other gadgets you choose to add should be below these five.  You can rearrange them simply by dragging the left hand side of the box up and down (the part that is gray with the 5 dots on the left side)

Your Welcome Message
This gadget is called "TEXT"
Type a welcome message and a sub-message

If it doesn't choose "IMAGE" gadget instead
and just upload an image (find one online if you want
and copy the image URL) with a welcome message
This gadget is called: "BLOG ARCHIVE"
This one should already be added automatically,
but if not it's on the 2nd page of gadgets.
You don't have to do anything with it except add it.

This gadget is called "BLOG'S STATS"
Just add it :

This gadget is called: "LINK LIST"
Add our class blog
Give it a title like "Class Blog"

SOMETIMES this gadget doesn't work.  If this is the case,
choose "BLOG LIST" instead.  Add a blog to the list, in this case

This gadget is called: "LABELS"
Just add it. As you label your posts the labels will show up

Make sure to select the box to show how many posts per label

3. Labels for ALL YOUR POSTS!
Go to your posts and see your list of posts.
None of mine in the picture have a label right now

And now, that post has the label of "TESTS".  How did I do it?

I went to the the post by clicking on "edit" below the post title
(it doesn't show up until you hover over it)
On the right side, I clicked on LABELS
I typed in the label I wanted.  For you, it is either
WPP, SP, or SV right now
Once you've used the label once it should show up for you to just click on
Update the post.

4. Correct titles for all your posts.  THEY MUST BE FORMATTED THIS WAY!  The description at the end may be slightly off, but the label and Unit/Concept must be IDENTICAL to mine!

  • WPP#1: Unit A Concept 6 - Linear Models
  • WPP#2: Unit A Concept 7 - Profit, Revenue, Cost
  • WPP#3: Unit E Concept 2 - Path of Football (or other object)
  • WPP#4: Unit E Concept 3 - Maximizing Area
  • SP#1: Unit E Concept 1 - Graphing a quadratic and identifying all key parts
  • SP#2: Unit E Concept 7 - Graphing a polynomial and identifying all key parts
  • SV#1: Unit F Concept 10 - Finding all real and imaginary zeroes of a polynomial
  • SV#2: Unit G Concepts 1-7 - Finding all parts and graphing a rational function

BAD EXAMPLE: Every post is titled different and in different ways!

The only posts that use MentorMob are WPP's.
SP and SV are uploaded directly to your blog with paragraphs underneath
Go to your posts, hover over the one you want to change and click on "edit"

Change the title to what it's supposed to be.

5.  About me page clearly linked as a "top tab"
 How to do this?

  • select “Pages” (on the left side).
  • find the drop down to show pages as “Top Tabs” and then click “save arrangement"
  • IF YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE AN ABOUT ME PAGE YET, go to and follow the setup instructions under "creating pages"
6. Template you chose makes it way too hard to read stuff - your middle or side columns are too narrow.

Way too hard to read titles because of column widths
  • Click on "Layout" on the left
  • Click on "template designer", which is linked in the sentence at the top of the screen
  • Click on "layout" on the left of the new screen
  • Select the template in the top row, 2nd one over
  • Click "apply to blog"


Sunday, October 6, 2013

SV2 Grading Reminders

OVERALL:  Make sure you work out their problem BEFORE just watching them.  You need to be able to solve it yourself first!

CATEGORY 1:  Don't be nice. If it's blurry, sideways, or you can hardly hear them, it should not be a 1 point deduction.  It should be more.

They must have followed the directions - 1 VA, 1 Hole, Numerator degree 3, denominator degree 2.  Only one set of factors can cancel.  Anything other than this should be a 2 or 3 point deduction.

CATEGORY 3: At this point, I expect very good explanations.  Many of the samples I saw did not explain key parts, like skipping from the original to the factored version with no work/steps, or just showing the long division and not explaining what they did.  It should be a point deduction for each section not well explained.

CATEGORY 4:  Be careful and look for errors.  I saw an error in EVERY video I've watched so far.  Some people made a simple algebraic mistake when plugging in, some people didn't come up with 2 x-intercepts (everyone should have TWO x-intercepts!), errors on the graph (asymptotes should be drawn and graphs should hug the graphs; some peoples graphs are off the -10<x<10 grid and they don't graph the whole thing, etc).  It should be a point deduction for each section there is an error.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Missing Assignments on Tracking Spreadsheet - due by Friday at 4pm!

Remember, when you turn in a link to a specific post, it should look something like this:

NOT LIKE THIS:;postID=5565832279304911369;onPublishedMenu=posts;onClosedMenu=posts;postNum=0;src=link

Click the proper links below to turn in anything you are missing!

Summer pq work
Student Info   About Me   WPP1   WPP2  
 WPP3   WPP4   SP1   SP2

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Clarifications on Blog Post Grading - PLEASE READ

A few notes on Blog Post Grading, since the first unit (E) has ended and any missing assignments have been marked as "Zeroes".  (Please don't say I didn't warn you, since I told you this would be occurring this weekend...)
  • Students are given deadlines for turning in blog posts to the GoogleForm, as well as deadlines for the grading.  Late submissions are still accepted for full credit; the deadlines are in place to guide students and keep them on track so they do not get stressed and overwhelmed with too much to do at the end of a chapter.  Under certain circumstances there will be consequences for late work (i.e. homework cards), but no grade penalty.  There will never be consequences given for a student whose partner hasn't done their part.  (This doesn't mean they don't have to complete the assignment, it means they need to talk to Mrs. Kirch about getting a new partner!)
  • Scores are input about every other day as I receive the peer grading worksheets.  The peer grading is the initial evaluation.  Once I receive them, I go through them myself to agree with or change the peer-given score.  Students also receive a score for their work in solving the problem and evaluating the partner's work in writing.  Scores are NOT input in the gradebook until (1) I receive the peer grading sheet and (2) I go through the peer grading sheet myself.  If a peer grading sheet is not submitted, a student will not have a score for the blog post even if they have turned in their link to the Google Form.  The peer grading sheet is the document that allows Mrs. Kirch to do the actual grading.  The submission on the GoogleForm is so Mrs. Kirch has easy access to all the posts for the future.
  • At the end of the chapter, I give students a "final deadline" before I mark any missing assignments as zeroes.  Assignments can still be graded and submitted after that point, but until that is done the grade shows up as a 0%.  The "final deadline" is usually a Friday afternoon at 4pm, so I can have the weekend to finish going through all of the submissions and fully update the gradebook.
  • Students are responsible for making sure their grading partner for that unit has evaluated their work.  If they are concerned about this not getting done, they have been instructed to contact me via email with a request to do the initial grading for their blog post.  It is nice to include the direct link to the blog post that needs to be graded as well.  This emailing should occur on the evening of the Unit Test if their partner has yet to submit the grading, as that is 1-3 days before the "final deadline" occurs.
  • Students are also responsible for grading their partner's blog post.  If their partner is not meeting the deadlines and the students do not want to wait for them any longer, they can request a new partner from Mrs. Kirch.  This request should happen no later than the day of the Unit Test, so the grading can occur before the "final deadline" passes.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, as a friendly reminder:

It is the STUDENT'S responsibility to complete the blog posts on time
It is the STUDENT'S responsibility to complete the peer grading on time
It is the STUDENT'S responsibility to make sure their partner has done the peer grading
It is the STUDENT'S responsibility to make sure the grades in AERIES are accurate
It is the STUDENT'S responsibility to ask Mrs. Kirch to do the initial grading of their blog post if their partner hasn't
It is the STUDENT'S responsibility to ask Mrs. Kirch for a new partner in class if their partner is not posting their work on time.

I am here to support your learning and success in this course.  I have seen some absolutely excellent work thus far this year.  Please make sure you are taking responsibility for yourself.  It will cause you much less stress in the future :)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Student Problem 1: Due on blog BEFORE class Tuesday 9/10, Grading due in class on Wednesday 9/11 (Euler Partner)

*LOOK ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE - do you see where it says "****Instructions for all math blog posts"? (I even put stars next to it!) Yep, go there!

Also, you will want to read "Blog Tips and Tricks" for picture taking, picture uploading, etc (also on the right hand side!)

Here's where you're looking...

Student Problem (20 points, 8 points for grading)

  • Title your blog post: SP# __: Unit __ Concept __: _____________________ (description of concept).
  • Label your blog post “SP”
  • *Requires a blog post with text & images to explain problem, as well as two 3-4 sentence paragraphs: (1) What is this problem about? and (2) What does the viewer need to pay special attention to in order to understand?

  • SP1: Unit E Concept 1
    • Write your own quadratic in standard form.  You will need to complete the square to put it in vertex (“graphable”) form, so choose values of a and b that will divide nicely with each other.  Your problem must include a graph, as well as a list of all identifying features: vertex form equation, vertex, a note whether the vertex is a max or a min, and the x-intercepts (both exact and approximate values).  You are highly encouraged to use the “template” to complete this problem.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Unit A and B Re-Assessment Specifics

The Re-Assessment for Units A and B will NOT be a traditional reassessment.  It does not require an application (see previous post for details on re-assessments in general for the year).

Here are the requirements:

  1. Students must re-watch the videos from the summer for the concepts they missed on the test.  This must be done BEFORE the tutoring session for that specific section.
  2. Students must attend the tutoring sessions for the specific concepts/#'s they missed on the test.  This is required.  Plan ahead to ensure to attend the sessions.
  3. ReAssessment is on Friday, September 13th at 7:15am and lunch.  Students must print their own test template (see right side of blog).

#1-3 (Concepts 1-3), #4 (Concept 4), #5-6 (Concept 5) - Wednesday, September 4th; 7:20am
#7-8 (Concepts 6-7) - Thursday, September 5th; 7:20am
#9-12 (Concept 9) - Friday, September 6th; 7:20am
#13-14 (Concept 10) - Monday, September 9th, 7:20am

#15 (Concepts 1-2) - Tuesday, September 10th, 7:20am
#16-17 (Concept 3) - Tuesday, September 10th, 3:00pm
#18-21 (Concepts 4-5) - Wednesday, September 11th, 7:20am

For students who received less than a 35/50 on each Unit, a re-assessment is REQUIRED.  Any student receiving 35/50 or higher may still choose to re-assess by following the protocol above.

Re-Assessments will be split up as follows.  This means that you only take the sections that you did poorly on.  Some of you will retake all 9 sections; some of you will only retake 1 section, etc.  Please ask for clarification as needed.

SECTION 1 - #1-3
SECTION 2 - #4
SECTION 3 - #5-6
SECTION 4 - #7-8
SECTION 5 - #9-12
SECTION 6 - #13-14

SECTION 1 - #15
SECTION 2 - #16-17

SECTION 3 - #18-21

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Re-Assessment Instructions and Details

Re-assessments in my class are a privilege, not a right.  You must show me that you have earned the opportunity to re-assess.  If a student is suspected of taking advantage of the opportunity to re-assess for full credit (i.e. consistently showing up to tests unprepared, not coming to tutoring before a test and not being prepared, etc), they will be refused the right to re-assess.

Re-assessments are used for two reasons:
1. For students to show me they understand a concept better now than they did before.
2. For students to have the opportunity to finish an exam that they did not have time to finish in class. (Students are not allowed to "come back" later in the day to finish an exam. They must turn it in at the end of the period as is and can re-assess on the concepts they did not attempt or finish).

Students may earn up to 100% back on each concept they re-assess on.

In order to re-assess, students must do the following:

  1. Open up the re-assessment application here to see what is required of them in terms of preparation. (Form also embedded below and is linked on the right side of blog for easy access in the future).
  2. Complete what is required of them BEFORE submitting application. (*This does include 30 minutes minimum of tutoring in Mrs. Kirch's room on Tuesday 3-3:30pm; Mon-Wed mornings also available but students must make appointment.  During this time students must fill out the "re-assessment half-sheet" that will be stapled to their re-assessment on Friday.  Students can only get "re-assessment half-sheet" from Mrs. Kirch during their tutoring session.)
  3. Submit application by Wednesday at 9pm (This is a strict deadline; students must show they are taking this opportunity seriously and must meet the deadline.  Submissions are time-stamped.)
  4. Print the Test Template for the unit and highlight the problem #'s and answer boxes of concepts they are re-assessing on. (This must be done BEFORE Friday morning; be prepared!  Students should also have their Original Test, Extra Practice work, etc organized, labeled, and ready to turn in)
  5. Show up on designated Friday morning at 7:15am (and their lunch period if more time is needed).


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Units A-B Test - study study study! (and links to turn in your WPP #1 and #2)

Answer keys - PQ and PT
Units A-D Practice Test Answer 
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Extra PracticeUnits A-D Extra Practice Problems
Unit A Concept 6-7 Extra Practice Problems

Please use the resources above to help you out!  (also found on the summer tab)

Review Unit A Concepts 6-7 by putting together and posting your WPP1 and WPP2.  These are due BEFORE CLASS ON TUESDAY, turned in to the google forms here.  

See Directions here (important section copy-pasted below)

  • Title your blog post: WPP# __: Unit __ Concept __: _____________________ (description of concept).
  • Tag your blog post “WPP”
  • *Requires an embedded MentorMob playlist with three steps*
  • *Third step is either an annotated picture or student-created video; pay attention to directions*
  • Please see detailed instructions on how to make a MentorMob playlist, peer grading expectations, etc here
  • 2013-2014 WPP details
    • WPP #1: Unit A Concept 6 - PICTURE
      • Write your own linear model word problem.  Make sure your problem includes information that could be written as two ordered pairs.  The question you pose must include all three parts like the SSS examples: a) linear model (equation), b) a certain week’s value (in between the two weeks given), c) a certain week’s value (extrapolated past given information)
    • WPP #2: Unit A Concept 7 - PICTURE
      • Write your own Profit, Revenue, Cost word problem. Make sure your problem includes information for both a Cost (fixed/variable) equation and a Revenue equation.  The question you pose must ask for: a) Cost Equation; b) Revenue equation; c) Profit Equation; d) Break even point (rounded up); e) Amount of profit at BEP if you had to round up.