Summer: Unit A, B, C, D


Links to Important Documents:

WSQ chart, SSS packets 
and templates
Unit A SSS (blank copy)  

Answer keys - PQ and PT Units A-D Practice Test Answer 
Key (on pages 5-8)
Extra Practice Units A-D Extra Practice Problems
Unit A Concept 6-7 Extra Practice Problems

Online WSQ tutorials (video lessons + reflections)
 YouTube links for Unit A.  
 YouTube links for Unit B
 YouTube links for Unit C
 YouTube links for Unit D. 

Use the links below to access the forms for each reflection
Unit A
Unit B
Unit C
Unit D

Extra Support and Help

in SSS or PQ
(submit any errors you 
find by filling out the form here)
PQ problems worked out 
(by request! Just ask!)
Reflection questions 
(by request! Just ask if 
you are really confused still!)
Unit Anone currentlyUnit A PQ5 #8 (work only)
Unit A PQ5 #11 (work only)
Unit A SSS page 12 #14 -
Concept 9 (video tutorial)
Unit A PQ9 #3 (video tutorial)
Unit A PQ10 #5 (video tutorial)

Unit A Concepts 1-3 #2 
(VANG and how it relates to the slope formula)
Unit A Concepts 1-3 #4-5
(writing equations of parallel and
 perpendicular lines when they are 
horizontal or vertical)
Unit Bnone currentlynone currentlynone currently
Unit Cnone currentlyUnit C PQ3 #2 (video tutorial)
Unit C PQ3 #3 (video tutorial)
Unit C PQ4 #6 (video tutorial)
Unit C PQ5 #1 (video tutorial)
Unit C PQ6 #1 (video tutorial)
Unit C PQ6 #2 (video tutorial)
Unit C PQ6 #3 (video tutorial)
Unit C PQ6 #5 (video tutorial)
Unit C PQ6 #6 (video tutorial)

Unit C Concept 4 #8  
(SSS page 6 #12) 
Unit C Concept 4 #9  
(SSS page 6 #13) 
Unit Dnone currentlyUnit D PQ1-2 #9 (video tutorial)
Unit D PQ1-2 #10 (video tutorial)
(and another vid of same problem)
Unit D PQ1-2 #13 (video tutorial)
Unit D PQ1-2 #15 (video tutorial)
Unit D PQ1-2 #17 (video tutorial)
Unit D Concept 2 #9
(SSS page 3 #10) LINK ON 

Units A-D Test Remediation Videos (from 2012-2013)
Here is some extra help for you in prepping for your exams the first week of school.  These are recordings of live tutoring sessions that go over the questions from the 2012-2013 exams (your questions will be different numbers, but very similar in type!).  You can also use the "Extra Practice" problems in the turquoise box up top to prepare yourself.


The following playlists include additional websites, videos, or articles that may help you with the concepts.  Do your OWN search as well, and if you find something helpful, send it my way! I will add it to the playlist to share with your classmates!


  1. Hi Mrs. Kirch, I'm having trouble going through Unit B. The buttons on my calculator are really different because I have a Texas Instrument TI-89Titanium. Is there any way I can still do the problems with my calculator or is there no other way and I just have to go out and buy another calculator? Thank you and I'm so sorry for the inconvenience.

    1. Hello,
      The ti-89 is fine, but you will to use your users manual or google to find how to push the correct buttons. You will also have to learn how to do it on the ti-83/84 as well. See what you can find online to help you with it and if you have specific questions, I can most likely help you since I also have a ti-89. We would probably have to Skype or google hangout (or something similar) for that to work best. Please let me know.

  2. Hi Mrs. Kirch, I am having trouble trying to find the student survey. I click the link of Summer Unit A, B, C, D and the student survey is not there? is there any way of doing the survey if i can not find it on my page?
    Thank you, and I'm sorry for this late notice.

    1. HI Ayda,
      Thanks for the question. Do you see the playlist (outlined in Green, titled "Math Analysis summer intro 2012") near the top of the page? The student survey should be the second step in the playlist. Let me know if you still can't find it.

      Mrs. Kirch

  3. Yes i got it, thank you for the help.