Unit T

Links to Important Documents:

WSQ chart, SSS packets and templates Unit T SSS (blank copy)
Unit T WSQ chart

Unit T Intro Desmos Activity

Unit T Sine-Cosine Template
Unit T Secant-Cosecant Template
Unit T Tangent-Cotangent Template

Trig Is... Submission Form
Answer keys - PQ and PT Graphing: How to choose your mark

Why does Cosine start and end at it's amplitude (video explanation)

Unit T Video and Extra Problems #7,11,15,19,23,27 (template only)
Unit T Video and Extra Problems #8,12,16,20,24,28 (template only)
Unit T PT Version 1 Answer Key (template only)
Unit T PT Version 1 Answer Key (Videos)
Unit T PT Version 2 Answer Key (template only)

BQ'S 2,3,4,5

Big Question help:
--Tangent and Sine/Cosine
--Cotangent and Sine/Cosine
--Secant and Cosine
--Cosecant and Sine
--Desmos template for all of these graphs
--Tangent uphill/Cotangent downhill
--Desmos template for this video
--Old video; still good explanation - Why is tangent uphill and cotangent downhill? (video explanation)
Extra Practice Unit T Test Review - NEW**

Unit T Extra Practice Problems (ask if needed)

Online WSQ Tutorials

Additional websites, videos, and resources to help you learn


  1. For Concept 3, once I turned in the WSQ there's another link going to a "TRIG IS A..." survey... Do I take that yet or... is that after Unit R & S?