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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Unit T Test "hints" from class Wednesday

Today I went over some pretty important stuff.  While studying and completing your Practice Test (12 graphs; you do not have to do the review problems!) make sure you consider these questions...

PART 1: Unit Circle and Parent Graphs

  • You must be able to accurately draw all six trigonometric graphs (no shifts, parent graphs) on a labeled axis very quickly.

(Big Thanks to Noemmi G. period 4 for the video!)

PART 2: Shifted Trigonometric Graphs and their parts

  • You will not be filling out complete templates for every problem.  Instead, you will be given 12 functions and I will ask for a certain part or two for each of them.  Namely, I will be focusing on:
    • Period
      • Sin,Cos,Sec,Csc - 2pi/b
      • Tan,Cot - pi/b
    • Amplitude
      • Sin,Cos = |a|
      • Sec,Csc = no amplitude, BUT we use the amplitude of |a| from cos,sin (respectively) in our graph
      • Tan,Cot = no amplitude
    • Domain
      • sin,cos = (-inf,inf)
      • csc,sec = x cannot = asymptotes... and to find the asymptotes you have to be able to see the graph to see where sin,cos = 0.  Plug into the formula x="first one" +/- HALF THE PERIOD(n)
      • cot,tan = x cannot = asymptotes...and to find the asymptotes you DO NOT have to do any graphing! Just use the formulas b(x-h) = pi/2 (tan) and b(x-h) = 0 (cot) and then plug into the formula x= "first one" +/- THE PERIOD(n)
    • Range
      • sin,cos = have to graph it and see where the highest and lowest points are; start low to high, will always be [y,y]
      • csc,sec = have to graph it and see what is going on.  Will be (-inf,y]U[y,inf)
      • cot,tan = (-inf,inf)

PART 3: Free response questions

  • Three questions found somewhere within the "Big Questions" will be on the test.  There will be space to draw a picture up top and then plenty of writing room :)

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Your final exam will be taken the first week of May.  Here are some dates for you:

Monday, April 29th - work on review packet in class

Thursday, May 2nd - review packet is due by the end of class.  You will not be physically turning it in to me that day, but I will be checking to see if it is complete.

Monday May 6th-Wednesday May 8th - take final exam in 3 separate parts.  Monday and Tuesday will be the "Math Analysis Part" which you can use your portfolio on.  Wednesday will be the "CST part", which is no notes and no portfolio.

You will be turning in all your review packet work to Mrs. Contreras on one of those three days (she will let you know when).

I do understand that May 6th-8th are also AP exams.  Most of the exams are in the morning and you should be back for class in the afternoon.  In the instance that you miss one or more days of the final exam, Mrs. Contreras will plan ONE make-up day after school that first week.  You must show up to the make-up day or will receive a zero on that part of the exam.  No exceptions - she will not be offering multiple opportunities for irresponsibility or forgetfulness.

Review packets can be found here

You must print your own copy of the review or view on your electronic device.  All work must be done neatly and numbered and will be turned in before the exam.

  • Parts 1 and 2 cover "normal" Math Analysis material and you will be able to use your portfolio for it.
  • Part 3 will cover CST questions for your summative exam, which reviews Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2.  Plan to ask a lot of questions on these problems, especially the Geometry ones because it has been a while!

Answer keys and help can be found here (will be updated as I add more; please let me know if you want me to work out any of them) 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Unit R Test - Concept 2 (#36-37)

A couple of notes on these problems... and a great opportunity I wouldn't pass up.
  • Most of you lost up to 20% of your test percentage on these two problems alone (they were worth 10 points each)
    • Edmodo note sent out with names of students who got 20/20 in this section and do not need to do anything.  You will have to log in to view the note here
  • Drawing the triangle appropriately and correctly was worth 6 of the 10 points for each problem (3 points each triangle).  This includes:
    • Correct quadrant
    • Correct signs (+/-) for each side length
      • Left and Down is negative
      • Up and Right is positive
      • Hypotenuse is always positive 
  • If you got the correct answer randomly without the correct triangles to support it, you did not receive credit because you could "randomly" get the right answer without the right signs on your triangles.

With that being said, 

Please go back and review Unit R Concept 2, as well as how to draw appropriate quadrant triangles. See picture below for review.

Because knowing how to appropriately draw triangles is essential for your success on the Unit S Test as well, I will allow you to come in and re-do #36-37 on Tuesday at 3pm.  Sorry, with my schedule, you will only have from 3pm-3:30pm on Tuesday alone to do this, so please make plans accordingly.  It will only be 2 problems so I can't imagine it taking more than 10 minutes.  You will not be able to do this at lunch, I will have ONE TIME when you can come take care of it so you must adjust your schedule accordingly.  The only exceptions are my seniors with no 6th period, who will be able to do this at the beginning 6th period. You WILL NOT be able to use any notes, but I will project the 6 sum and difference formulas on the screen.

You must print this page and bring it with you on Tuesday after school.  The top portion must be filled out before arriving after school.  Nothing else can be written on the page.

You can make up #36, #37, or both.  You will receive your tests back Tuesday in class to check your specific scores on those concepts. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


1. For Assessment #2, as mentioned in class, the angle you choose to represent SHOULD NOT be a Unit Circle value... that is way too simplistic for Math Analysis.  For example, you don't want to choose 60*, which could be 120*/2 as a half angle and 30*+30* (or many other possibilities) as the sum/difference.  The simplification process is just too easy and will not show your proficiency at these formulas.

2.   For Assessments #3 & #4, your blog post must include the regular 2 "student video paragraphs".  This is on the grading rubric in section 1.

**Extra Credit on Assessment #4 - do a student video for PQ6 #8-13 (just one of them...)  I do have a worked out explained key on the Unit S page you can use, but I would love to have video explanations for next year's (and this year's) students.  If you do this, post it on your blog as "Unit S Assessment #4 Extra Credit" and submit it to me VIA EMAIL.  I will post a link to your video on in the turquoise box for others to use as well!

3. For Assessment #1 - The problems you write for #1-4 should be of varying difficulty.  This means that you should have:


  • one with a coefficient (like PQ1 #3,4 or 6)
  • out of the two with angle values, one should be in radians and one in degrees
  • one with variables that has a "negative angle" in the beginning that could be converted using even/odd identities first (like PQ1 #7)
  • one that has a BINOMIAL as the value for u/v (like PQ1 #9-12, PQ2 #9-12)

4. For Assessment #1 - Problem #5 
  • There are not many choices for half-angles within one revolution of the unit circle that AREN'T already used in the SSS... so...
  • The problem you come up with must use an angle value for "u" that is OVER one revolution (u/2 can still be within 1 revolution)

5. For Assessment #1 - Problem #6
  • Make sure your notation for the quadrants is given appropriately as shown in the SSS
6. For Assessment #1 - Problem #7
  • Make sure your notation for the quadrants is given appropriately as shown in the SSS

**Otherwise, please read over the directions carefully and make sure you do everything you are supposed to  :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Some important reminders...

3 weeks to finish resubmitting work!

Some reminders of what should be on your mind and getting done, the sooner the better...

  • Final Exam Review Packet - all work due the week of CSTs
  • Resubmissions for ALL ASSIGNMENTS in the Quiz/Project category.  If you need the follow-up email re-sent to you, please let me know ASAP. Check AERIES for details on assignment names. I grade resubmissions once a week, so don't wait or you may miss your window!
  • Math Mistakes EC blog posts
  • Video EC (due Mon 4/15/12 for EC) [details in #4 of this post]

  • Assessment #1
    • Print 2 copies of Student Test Template (see Unit S page).  If you choose, you may want to wait to print until you have typed info in the .doc/.docx format.  Otherwise, you may have to write out some parts twice.
    • You have to have all your test problems written BEFORE class on Wed 4/17.  You will be TAKING someone else's test in class Wednesday, and will not be able to participate if you don't have yours done.
  • Assessment #2
    • Student Problem. Submit link to blog post on form (see Unit S page)
  • Assessment #3
    • Student Video. Submit link to blog post on form (see Unit S page)
    • Grading a partner's student video.  Print grading rubric and submit ASAP (see Unit S page)
  • Assessment #4
    • Student Video. Submit link to blog post on form (see Unit S page)
    • Grading a partner's student video.  Print grading rubric and submit ASAP (see Unit S page)


After this, you will have:
  • Final Exam (200 test points)
  • Unit U Test (100 test points)
  • Unit U Alternative Assessments (points TBD in Quiz/Project category)
  • Unit V Test (100 test points)
  • Unit V Alternative Assessments (points TBD in Quiz/Project category)
  • 2nd part of final exam in June (100 test points)