Sunday, November 25, 2012

First Semester Final Exam Review

Are you ready?

Your Math Analysis Final Exam will be on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (Dec 19-21) and will cover material from Units A-L.

Wednesday - 45 minutes (Questions #1- ___)
Thursday -54 minutes (Questions #___-___)
Friday - 30 minutes (Questions #___-___)

Two review packets, 106 questions each, have been created.  Your final exam will be shorter than this (length TBD).  You can access and print the packets here.

Please keep in mind that some of the answers do not fully answer the question and you may have to ask your teacher to clarify.  However, pay close attention to notation because your final exam will be multiple choice and the multiple choice answers will be formatted in the same way as the answer choices on the review packet (which may be different than what you did in class!)

For Mrs. Kirch's students (please check with Ms. Tamaoki for anything different if you are her student)

1. Version 1 of the Final Exam review, completed neatly and organized on your own lined paper, is your "ticket" to the final exam and will be due in full at the beginning of class on Wednesday.

2.  You will have Monday and Tuesday (Dec 17-18) in class to ask any final questions about the review.  However, the review packet should be fully completed to the best of your ability BEFORE these days in class.

3. Version 2 of the Final Exam review is not required but is highly suggested for sections of the final exam you need more practice on.  Certain students may be required to complete Version 2 based on semester effort and teacher discretion.

4. You may use your Math Analysis portfolio on the exam.  This includes: SSS packets, Quiz packets, Test packets, and spiral notebooks/templates.  This DOES NOT INCLUDE your final exam review packet.  You will be turning this in before the exam and it may not be used on the test.

*This is updated as of Sunday, November 25th. Changes and updates will be made in the coming weeks as the final exam is ... finalized ... :)

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