Friday, September 6, 2013

Student Problem 1: Due on blog BEFORE class Tuesday 9/10, Grading due in class on Wednesday 9/11 (Euler Partner)

*LOOK ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE - do you see where it says "****Instructions for all math blog posts"? (I even put stars next to it!) Yep, go there!

Also, you will want to read "Blog Tips and Tricks" for picture taking, picture uploading, etc (also on the right hand side!)

Here's where you're looking...

Student Problem (20 points, 8 points for grading)

  • Title your blog post: SP# __: Unit __ Concept __: _____________________ (description of concept).
  • Label your blog post “SP”
  • *Requires a blog post with text & images to explain problem, as well as two 3-4 sentence paragraphs: (1) What is this problem about? and (2) What does the viewer need to pay special attention to in order to understand?

  • SP1: Unit E Concept 1
    • Write your own quadratic in standard form.  You will need to complete the square to put it in vertex (“graphable”) form, so choose values of a and b that will divide nicely with each other.  Your problem must include a graph, as well as a list of all identifying features: vertex form equation, vertex, a note whether the vertex is a max or a min, and the x-intercepts (both exact and approximate values).  You are highly encouraged to use the “template” to complete this problem.

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