Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Schedule Change for Next Week

I will be gone on Tuesday, Nov 19th at a district meeting.  Thus, we need to change the schedule up a bit from what is on your WSQ charts.  Please plan for the following:

Monday, Nov 18th
  • Unit J review in class; last chance to ask questions!
  • Make sure you pick up your Unit K Stuff!
HW: Unit K WSQ Concepts 1-2

Tuesday, Nov 19th
  • Unit K PQ 1-2
  • Ask your classmates any of your questions, I will follow up on Thursday
  • ONCE YOU FINISH PQ 1-2, you may review for your Unit J test.  You must show the sub your completed work
HW: Finish studying for Unit J

Wednesday, Nov 20th
You may work on the test at THREE TIMES throughout the day.

7-7:50am (VERSION 1)
Class time (VERSION 2)
2:50-3:30pm (VERSION 3)

The test is split into four sections.  You must complete the entire section in one sitting with one version.
#1-4 (Concept 1-2)
#5-6 (2 matrices)
#7-9 (1 matrix + partial fraction decomposition)
#10-11 (review problems) 
Bonus Problems available

Every year, I have students who finish the test in one sitting during class time.  I also have students who spend all 3 hours on the test.  Make the choices you need to succeed.

Thursday, November 21st
  • Unit K PQ3
  • For hw, complete WSQ for Concept 4 + do as much of PQ4 as you can
    • **This WSQ includes the stuff in the green mentormob playlist... VERY VERY IMPORTANT!.
Friday, November 22nd
  • Finish PQ4
  • Fibonacci Haikus + blog post assignment
  • Fibonacci Beauty Ratio Activity (extra credit assignment for over break)
  • Post Fibonacci Haiku
  • EC - Beauty Ratio activity + reflective essay
  • Study/work on Concept 3... it's the toughest!
  • WSQ for Concept 5 due the Monday you return

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