Saturday, May 17, 2014

Unit U Boot Camps

To sign up for boot camps, log in to edmodo and click on the link (not posted publicly due to student names)

Preview/print your boot camp packet here

Sessions will be 30-45 minutes each.

MONDAY - 3pm - Concepts 1-4.  We will focus on Graphically evaluating limits, including regular limits, one-sided limits, values, types of discontinuities, and intervals of continuity.  We will also review evaluating limits numerically on a table

TUESDAY - 3pm  - Concepts 5-8.  We will focus on algebraically evaluating limits using Direct Substitution, Factoring/Dividing Out, and Rationalizing/Conjugate.  Problems will be all mixed together just like on your test.  We will also go over limits at infinity and the two types of difference quotient problems that will be on your test.

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