Thursday, August 23, 2012

Units A-D Practice Test

The Units A-D practice test is the last step to prepare you for the Summer Exam.  You will receive this in class (probably on Friday!).  There are a few questions that say "see blog"... so, here you go!

Unit A Concept 6 - try 1-2 problems from this list. Click here for problems.

Unit A Concept 7 - try 1-2 problems from this list. Click here for problems. 

Unit B Concept 3 - try the couple examples that are gone over in this tutorial.  Click here for tutorial.

I think that is it - let me know if I am missing any!

UNITS A-D PRACTICE TEST ANSWER KEY! click here! Answer key is on last page!

Please note the answer key is "incomplete" for some problems.  See Mrs. Kirch or Mrs. Tamaoki for correct answers.  This occurs on:
9. (-inf,inf)
10. (-inf,6)U(6,inf)
11. [1,inf)
12. (-inf,inf)
13. 2x + h - 6
14. -1/2
15. Graph is a little hard to see unless you know how to change your window. ymin=-5, ymax=5 should help you.
26. resulting domain:  (-inf,1/4)U(1/4,inf)
30. it's a cheesy problem. Make sure you can do tougher ones!
33. They aren't inverses. So you can't verify. Sorry :)

Good luck!

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