Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Week 2 Checklist... are you caught up?

[   ]  Do you have all the first week paperwork turned in?  Check the Semester 1 tracking spreadsheet

[   ]  Have you responded to the "Edmodo Alert Test"?

[   ]  Have you updated your Graphing Calculator Status with Mrs. Kirch if it is incorrect on the spreadsheet?

[   ]  Have you submitted your Embed codes for WPP#1-2?

[   ]  Have you submitted your online WSQ for Unit E Concepts 1,2, and 3 (Tues night)

[   ]  Have you submitted your Embed codes for WPP#3 - link on the Unit E page (Tues night)

[   ]  Have you turned in your "Student Problem #1" (self-written problem in a partner) for Unit E Concept 1?

[   ]  Have you HIGHLIGHTED all the grey boxes on your WSQ chart that you have completed so it is easier for Mrs. Kirch to sign you off? (new for Wed, I only went over this in 6th period)

[   ]  Have you submitted the "PQ/PT Grading form"

[   ]  Have you smiled today?

[   ]  Have you given someone a hug today?

[   ]  Have you told someone how much you love math today?

Is there anything you think I'm missing?  Please comment on this post :)

Coming up that's important:

1. Units A-D remediation and re-test - instructions and details here
2. Creating Student blog for digital portfolio (probably next week)- Details and instructions coming soon
3. Math Portfolio - bring binder in!  This is where your Units A-D SSS's will go!!!  See details here
4. Picking a partner and grading WPP# 2,3,4 - Grading rubric here

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