Friday, September 28, 2012

Student Blog Post Reminders:

(see the initial video tutorial of summary blog posts here)

What do I title my post?

Unit __ Question # __: _____________________ (Shortened version of question/topic)

What do I write in my post?

State the question

You can copy-paste this from the electronic WSQ chart that you can open from the Unit tab on the blog.  Or you can just type it out yourself :).

Answer the question

Correctly - Answer must be correct or you will not receive credit

Completely - Make sure to answer all parts of the question

Proper grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, etc.

Extend the question

Your answer must extend beyond the basic notes that are provided for you in the SSS to show your understanding of the material.  This can be done by explaining a specific example or situation to clarify the notes.  

Include an image

Image must relate to the question.  It is helpful if your image is connected to your "extension" as a way to explain what you mean in your own words.

Suggestions for an aesthetically pleasing post:

1. Use bold, italics, underlining, highlighting, and different colors to bring out important facts
2. Use different font sizes to help distinguish between portions of the post
3. Have the image be set to "right" or "left" instead of "center" so you can have text right next to it.

Overall, the purpose of the blog posts is for you to show me how well you understand the material.  

It is important that:

1. They are in YOUR OWN WORDS and not mine
2. They go beyond the basic facts presented in the SSS
3. They show some basic thought and connections.

1. Check with Mrs. Kirch if you are confused about what the right answer is.
2. Edit the original post to include all the information above
3. Send Mrs. Kirch a note on Edmodo with the link to the specific post you want her to re-read.  It will not go back to her RSS reader after the original publish date, so now you must send it her way!

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