Sunday, October 13, 2013

Blog Check up Assignment - DUE BY FRIDAY, 10/18/13

All students need to go back through their blog and make sure the following is updated and correct:

1. Your blog URL must be "first name last initial period # .".  If not, you must change it!  For example, if you are Maria Gonzalez, it MUST BE
    1. NOT
    2. NOT
    3. NOT
    4. NOT
    5. NOT

Example of a wrong URL:

2. On the RIGHT hand side, you should have the following gadgets.  To add one, go to "layout" and click on "add a gadget"

Here is what the five gadgets should look like.  The Welcome Message should be on top, followed by the Links, the Tags list, the Blog Archive, and the Total Pageviews.  Any other gadgets you choose to add should be below these five.  You can rearrange them simply by dragging the left hand side of the box up and down (the part that is gray with the 5 dots on the left side)

Your Welcome Message
This gadget is called "TEXT"
Type a welcome message and a sub-message

If it doesn't choose "IMAGE" gadget instead
and just upload an image (find one online if you want
and copy the image URL) with a welcome message
This gadget is called: "BLOG ARCHIVE"
This one should already be added automatically,
but if not it's on the 2nd page of gadgets.
You don't have to do anything with it except add it.

This gadget is called "BLOG'S STATS"
Just add it :

This gadget is called: "LINK LIST"
Add our class blog
Give it a title like "Class Blog"

SOMETIMES this gadget doesn't work.  If this is the case,
choose "BLOG LIST" instead.  Add a blog to the list, in this case

This gadget is called: "LABELS"
Just add it. As you label your posts the labels will show up

Make sure to select the box to show how many posts per label

3. Labels for ALL YOUR POSTS!
Go to your posts and see your list of posts.
None of mine in the picture have a label right now

And now, that post has the label of "TESTS".  How did I do it?

I went to the the post by clicking on "edit" below the post title
(it doesn't show up until you hover over it)
On the right side, I clicked on LABELS
I typed in the label I wanted.  For you, it is either
WPP, SP, or SV right now
Once you've used the label once it should show up for you to just click on
Update the post.

4. Correct titles for all your posts.  THEY MUST BE FORMATTED THIS WAY!  The description at the end may be slightly off, but the label and Unit/Concept must be IDENTICAL to mine!

  • WPP#1: Unit A Concept 6 - Linear Models
  • WPP#2: Unit A Concept 7 - Profit, Revenue, Cost
  • WPP#3: Unit E Concept 2 - Path of Football (or other object)
  • WPP#4: Unit E Concept 3 - Maximizing Area
  • SP#1: Unit E Concept 1 - Graphing a quadratic and identifying all key parts
  • SP#2: Unit E Concept 7 - Graphing a polynomial and identifying all key parts
  • SV#1: Unit F Concept 10 - Finding all real and imaginary zeroes of a polynomial
  • SV#2: Unit G Concepts 1-7 - Finding all parts and graphing a rational function

BAD EXAMPLE: Every post is titled different and in different ways!

The only posts that use MentorMob are WPP's.
SP and SV are uploaded directly to your blog with paragraphs underneath
Go to your posts, hover over the one you want to change and click on "edit"

Change the title to what it's supposed to be.

5.  About me page clearly linked as a "top tab"
 How to do this?

  • select “Pages” (on the left side).
  • find the drop down to show pages as “Top Tabs” and then click “save arrangement"
  • IF YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE AN ABOUT ME PAGE YET, go to and follow the setup instructions under "creating pages"
6. Template you chose makes it way too hard to read stuff - your middle or side columns are too narrow.

Way too hard to read titles because of column widths
  • Click on "Layout" on the left
  • Click on "template designer", which is linked in the sentence at the top of the screen
  • Click on "layout" on the left of the new screen
  • Select the template in the top row, 2nd one over
  • Click "apply to blog"


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