Sunday, October 6, 2013

SV2 Grading Reminders

OVERALL:  Make sure you work out their problem BEFORE just watching them.  You need to be able to solve it yourself first!

CATEGORY 1:  Don't be nice. If it's blurry, sideways, or you can hardly hear them, it should not be a 1 point deduction.  It should be more.

They must have followed the directions - 1 VA, 1 Hole, Numerator degree 3, denominator degree 2.  Only one set of factors can cancel.  Anything other than this should be a 2 or 3 point deduction.

CATEGORY 3: At this point, I expect very good explanations.  Many of the samples I saw did not explain key parts, like skipping from the original to the factored version with no work/steps, or just showing the long division and not explaining what they did.  It should be a point deduction for each section not well explained.

CATEGORY 4:  Be careful and look for errors.  I saw an error in EVERY video I've watched so far.  Some people made a simple algebraic mistake when plugging in, some people didn't come up with 2 x-intercepts (everyone should have TWO x-intercepts!), errors on the graph (asymptotes should be drawn and graphs should hug the graphs; some peoples graphs are off the -10<x<10 grid and they don't graph the whole thing, etc).  It should be a point deduction for each section there is an error.

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