Saturday, January 18, 2014


CHECK AERIES NOW! Text/Email me with anything that is missing or incorrect!
*Please note I still have to input anything that was emailed to me*

Read everything below carefully!
  1. Unit L Test Scores are in AERIES.  Many of you did not show the work as I instructed you to on Thursday (when I went over the entire test template in front of the class) and thus lost a lot of needless points.  If you think this may be you, please come by on Tuesday in the morning, during seminar, or after school (until 3:30) and meet with me to go over your test questions sheet to see if your work was there.  If you don't meet with me on Tuesday, your score will stay as is.
  2. FOR UNIT L: There will be ONE reassessment opportunity on Friday at 7am (no entries accepted after 7:15am, no exceptions).  If you are going to re-assess, you must do the following:
    1. Sign up on spreadsheet here
    2. Print or pick up a re-assessment half sheet and fill it out completely.  Requirements include signing and dating your test corrections (version 2) and re-printing version 1 and doing them again.
    3. Show up ON TIME Friday.  This is your LAST CHANCE!
  3. FINAL DEADLINE for Units A-K re-assessments - Tuesday 1/21; opportunities at 7am and 3pm.  Sign-up document is still live here.  Please add/edit as needed. If you aren't going to show up, delete your name!
    1. **All re-assessments have been graded and input already.  If you re-assessed on something and your grade hasn't changed, it means I need to see your original test before I can make any changes since your half-sheet was not filled out clearly or correctly.  Please make sure to have your original tests with you on Tuesday.
  4. FINAL DEADLINE for all missing assignments in AERIES is Friday 1/24 at 3pm.  No scores will be added or changed in the gradebook if submitted after that point for the 1st semester. Please email or text me with anything on your blog that needs to be graded.  Everything else (including blog gradings, quiz retakes, etc) can be turned in hard copy by 3pm on 1/24 to the inbox.  Unit L FAP packets need to be turned in ASAP next week.
  5. End of 1st semester survey - for those of you who haven't completed it; you can still earn 110/100 points if you complete by this Friday.  Otherwise it is worth 100 points and must be completed before you begin your final exam. *Please note that this assignment will not be input into AERIES until all surveys have been turned in*
  6. Organize and update portfolio for 1st semester.  Make sure you bring it with you on the day of your final, along with your final exam review packet (version 1 and/or version 2 depending on your requirements).  You will be able to use your portfolio on the exam, but will be turning in your final exam review packets to me before the exam.

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