Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2nd semester - CHANGES

(This post is subject to clarifications and edits.  Edits will always be underlined for your reference)
    • Your entrance ticket to class is the following:
      • Watch - proof is SSS packet filled out completely with all problems as noted on the WSQ chart. This includes the "Secret Questions"
      • Summary - proof is submission of google form with well thought out answers.
      • Question - proof is question written in SSS packet. 
        • You must also submit your question to the google form so Mrs. Kirch can preview it before class. 
        • Your question must be labeled as either a "Confusion", "Discussion", or "Example".
        • If your question is a "Discussion" or "Example", it also must be answered in the online WSQ submission (does not have to be answered handwritten)
    • If you do not have all of the above completed before class begins, you must put today's date on the "not prepared" list behind the screen and go to the quiz rows to finish it. If Mrs. Kirch does not have to prompt you to do so, there will be no immediate consequence. If it becomes a habit, you will have an individual conversation/meeting with Mrs. Kirch followed by consequences for continued unpreparedness
    • If you do not have all of the above complete and are "found out" in the middle of class by Mrs. Kirch, you will receive an immediate consequence, varying from detention the following morning or a homework card.
    • Your SSS packet must be with you, filled out, and open on your desk/table throughout the entire period for Mrs. Kirch (and you) to refer to throughout the lesson
    • The only column that is "optional" is the "Practice Assignments" category, which usually includes the PQ problems.  While all problems in that column are suggested and helpful to your learning, you may choose to do as many or as few as you think you need to master the material.  Additional problems beyond the PQ problems are also available.
    • The "W", "S", "Q", "Discussion", "Formative Assessments", and "Practice Test" are NOT OPTIONAL.  Consequences ranging from detention to homework cards will be given for not completing on time per the deadlines listed on the class calendar.  
    • If you are absent from class, the "Discussion" must be made up by you coming in the morning within two days of your absence to complete the activity that you missed.  If you are on the "not prepared" list and thus miss the class discussion, you must come in on your own time to make up the activities.
    • "Formative Assessments" include both quizzes, blog posts, and peer grading
      • Quizzes must be taken in class by the deadlines posted on the class calendar.  Quiz retakes must generally happen outside of class time and with your own printed quiz retake paper.  Exceptions will be made if you are fully caught up and complete with the day's work.  
        • In order to retake a quiz, you must print out your own RETAKE FAP packet (you don't have to print all the pages).  This does not get stapled to your original packet until after it has been graded.  You may not have your original FAP packet with you at all when you are retaking a quiz.  You must get Mrs. Kirch's signature on any retake quiz BEFORE taking to ensure you have made corrections on your original quiz.
        • You really need to retake your quizzes!
      • Blog posts must uploaded on time per the dates on the class calendar. Consequences will be given if the blog post is not uploaded AND turned in to the google form 1 school day after the deadline.  Consequences will range from detention to homework cards.
      • Peer grading of blog posts should be turned in per the class calendar for the most learning and benefit.  Consequences will be given if not submitted within two days of the unit test.
      • FAP packets are due two days after receiving the Unit Test back. Consequences will be given for not meeting this deadline.
    • The "Practice Test" must be completed within the 3 days before the test date in class.

Re-assessments occur twice weekly; 40 minutes in length
Tuesdays 2:50-3:30pmTo re-assess on Tuesday, you must come to tutoring on the previous Tues-Mon
Fridays 7:05-7:45amTo re-assess on Friday, you must come to tutoring on the previous Fri-Thurs
Re-assessment half sheet must include:On the day of your re-assessment, you must bring:
Original Score on Test, divided into ___/90 and ___/10, unless stated otherwise1. Half Sheet, fully filled out and signed by all parties (student, parent, teacher)
Concept #'s you are re-assessing on2. Original Test
Problem #'s you are re-assessing on3. Blank Test template with all problems you are doing highlighted
Original Score on individual concept
Sign/Date by student when complete test corrections for each conceptYou must plan ahead!
Sign/Date by student when complete extra version of test for each concept
All forms and paperwork should be filled out and organized before you enter my classroom. If you are found to be filling out the form the morning of the re-assessment, you will have to reschedule. Filling out, signing, and dating the form should occur as you are preparing and studying for the re-assessment.

Re-assessments must be finished in one sitting. Coming back to finish will not be an option. You will have to reschedule and prepare for an additional re-assessment for any remaining concepts
Parent Signature at bottom of half sheet with parent texting number
Mrs. Kirch's signature that you came to ONE tutoring session within a week before your reassessment date. This means that you let her know you are preparing for a re-assessment when you enter and check out with her before you leave
Want to get to this form quickly in the future? Use bit.ly/kirchreassess
Tutoring hours:
Mon-Fri 7:20-7:50
Tues 2:50-3:30
Fri 1st lunch
    • A concept chart on yellow cardstock will be given to you for the second semester.  
    • Your overall percentage in class must be updated EVERY MONDAY from AERIES.
    • Your score on every concept must be updated IN PENCIL when you get a unit test or re-assessment back.
    • Concepts with PERFECT SCORES must be highlighted.
  • WPP'S
    • WPP's are no longer on MentorMob (LessonPaths) playlists, unless you would like to continue to do so.
    • If you choose to NOT use MentorMob, here are your directions:
      • 1. Title and Label post appropriately
      • 2. Type up your word problem on your post.  Make it at least font size 14, use colors, etc to bring out key parts of the problem.
      • 3. Upload an image that goes with your problem.  You will do this by clicking on "Insert Image" just like you do for SP's, and then either uploading and image, or choosing "From a URL" and pasting the URL of where you found the image.  If you use an image from online, you must cite the URL as a caption of the photo
      • 4. Upload a picture or picture(s) of your solutions, just as you would an SP.

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  1. Hello Mrs. Kirch,

    So if someone has done their WSQ fully (watched video, summarized, and written down their question), and finished their practice test, is it still possible to attain your test score as your WSQ grade without receiving a consequence?