Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Unit N WSQ chart clarifications

Concepts 5-6 is a 2 day lesson

  • ALL videos and WSQ are due the first day (Friday 2/14)
  • The second day, use your time to review, work on PQs, etc

Concept 7 CANNOT be completed until you do the inquiry in class activity on Wednesday.  This will not take the whole period (hopefully) so you may start watching the videos for that lesson once the activity is complete, or you may put together your I/D#1 blog post

Concepts 8-9 is a 2 day lesson

  • Day 1 - All Concept 7 and 8 video notes must be done
  • Day 2 - Concept 9 video notes + WSQ.  You should also go back and watch Concept 8 & 9 extra examples at this time.

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