Saturday, April 13, 2013

Unit R Test - Concept 2 (#36-37)

A couple of notes on these problems... and a great opportunity I wouldn't pass up.
  • Most of you lost up to 20% of your test percentage on these two problems alone (they were worth 10 points each)
    • Edmodo note sent out with names of students who got 20/20 in this section and do not need to do anything.  You will have to log in to view the note here
  • Drawing the triangle appropriately and correctly was worth 6 of the 10 points for each problem (3 points each triangle).  This includes:
    • Correct quadrant
    • Correct signs (+/-) for each side length
      • Left and Down is negative
      • Up and Right is positive
      • Hypotenuse is always positive 
  • If you got the correct answer randomly without the correct triangles to support it, you did not receive credit because you could "randomly" get the right answer without the right signs on your triangles.

With that being said, 

Please go back and review Unit R Concept 2, as well as how to draw appropriate quadrant triangles. See picture below for review.

Because knowing how to appropriately draw triangles is essential for your success on the Unit S Test as well, I will allow you to come in and re-do #36-37 on Tuesday at 3pm.  Sorry, with my schedule, you will only have from 3pm-3:30pm on Tuesday alone to do this, so please make plans accordingly.  It will only be 2 problems so I can't imagine it taking more than 10 minutes.  You will not be able to do this at lunch, I will have ONE TIME when you can come take care of it so you must adjust your schedule accordingly.  The only exceptions are my seniors with no 6th period, who will be able to do this at the beginning 6th period. You WILL NOT be able to use any notes, but I will project the 6 sum and difference formulas on the screen.

You must print this page and bring it with you on Tuesday after school.  The top portion must be filled out before arriving after school.  Nothing else can be written on the page.

You can make up #36, #37, or both.  You will receive your tests back Tuesday in class to check your specific scores on those concepts. 

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