Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Unit T Test "hints" from class Wednesday

Today I went over some pretty important stuff.  While studying and completing your Practice Test (12 graphs; you do not have to do the review problems!) make sure you consider these questions...

PART 1: Unit Circle and Parent Graphs

  • You must be able to accurately draw all six trigonometric graphs (no shifts, parent graphs) on a labeled axis very quickly.

(Big Thanks to Noemmi G. period 4 for the video!)

PART 2: Shifted Trigonometric Graphs and their parts

  • You will not be filling out complete templates for every problem.  Instead, you will be given 12 functions and I will ask for a certain part or two for each of them.  Namely, I will be focusing on:
    • Period
      • Sin,Cos,Sec,Csc - 2pi/b
      • Tan,Cot - pi/b
    • Amplitude
      • Sin,Cos = |a|
      • Sec,Csc = no amplitude, BUT we use the amplitude of |a| from cos,sin (respectively) in our graph
      • Tan,Cot = no amplitude
    • Domain
      • sin,cos = (-inf,inf)
      • csc,sec = x cannot = asymptotes... and to find the asymptotes you have to be able to see the graph to see where sin,cos = 0.  Plug into the formula x="first one" +/- HALF THE PERIOD(n)
      • cot,tan = x cannot = asymptotes...and to find the asymptotes you DO NOT have to do any graphing! Just use the formulas b(x-h) = pi/2 (tan) and b(x-h) = 0 (cot) and then plug into the formula x= "first one" +/- THE PERIOD(n)
    • Range
      • sin,cos = have to graph it and see where the highest and lowest points are; start low to high, will always be [y,y]
      • csc,sec = have to graph it and see what is going on.  Will be (-inf,y]U[y,inf)
      • cot,tan = (-inf,inf)

PART 3: Free response questions

  • Three questions found somewhere within the "Big Questions" will be on the test.  There will be space to draw a picture up top and then plenty of writing room :)

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