Saturday, August 31, 2013

Re-Assessment Instructions and Details

Re-assessments in my class are a privilege, not a right.  You must show me that you have earned the opportunity to re-assess.  If a student is suspected of taking advantage of the opportunity to re-assess for full credit (i.e. consistently showing up to tests unprepared, not coming to tutoring before a test and not being prepared, etc), they will be refused the right to re-assess.

Re-assessments are used for two reasons:
1. For students to show me they understand a concept better now than they did before.
2. For students to have the opportunity to finish an exam that they did not have time to finish in class. (Students are not allowed to "come back" later in the day to finish an exam. They must turn it in at the end of the period as is and can re-assess on the concepts they did not attempt or finish).

Students may earn up to 100% back on each concept they re-assess on.

In order to re-assess, students must do the following:

  1. Open up the re-assessment application here to see what is required of them in terms of preparation. (Form also embedded below and is linked on the right side of blog for easy access in the future).
  2. Complete what is required of them BEFORE submitting application. (*This does include 30 minutes minimum of tutoring in Mrs. Kirch's room on Tuesday 3-3:30pm; Mon-Wed mornings also available but students must make appointment.  During this time students must fill out the "re-assessment half-sheet" that will be stapled to their re-assessment on Friday.  Students can only get "re-assessment half-sheet" from Mrs. Kirch during their tutoring session.)
  3. Submit application by Wednesday at 9pm (This is a strict deadline; students must show they are taking this opportunity seriously and must meet the deadline.  Submissions are time-stamped.)
  4. Print the Test Template for the unit and highlight the problem #'s and answer boxes of concepts they are re-assessing on. (This must be done BEFORE Friday morning; be prepared!  Students should also have their Original Test, Extra Practice work, etc organized, labeled, and ready to turn in)
  5. Show up on designated Friday morning at 7:15am (and their lunch period if more time is needed).


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