Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer's End - Important Information

It's hard to believe that summer is soon coming to a close.  I hope that you have been able to rest and enjoy your time.  I have kept busy with my little one, Grayson, who turned 2 months yesterday  (I just have to show him off!).  If you are in my class this year, I'm sure you will hear lots about him and his newfound antics! (There are 7 sections of Math Analysis; I am teaching 3 of them.  Mr. Werdel, Ms. Tamaoki, and I are the teachers this year).

I also hope that you have found the Math Analysis summer packet work to be a nice little "brain wake-up" and beneficial to your learning.  I have enjoyed getting to "know" you as I read your reflections and help support you via your questions on email.  Please take a few minutes to fill out the Summer Packet Evaluation form, to give us feedback on how it went for you and how it could be more beneficial, here. (Also embedded below)

If you have fallen behind, there is still time to get caught up before school begins.  The first day of school is Tuesday, August 27th.  I will update this blog with a new post explaining the first week of school expectations and summer exam plans before then, once I confirm with the other teachers.  Regardless of if you have met all the deadlines or you have yet to begin your work, please know that the work is mandatory and must be completed.  You don't want to have an insane first week of school, so get it done now! :)

Don't forget to track your progress on the tracking spreadsheet here.  If you feel you have completed a reflection and it doesn't say it is complete, you must contact me and ask. Most likely you typed in your ID wrong and so it didn't code correctly.  If you don't take the initiative it will not get corrected.

There are several important items I suggest you check out on the Summer Tab:

1. Under "Links to Important Documents" - there is a Practice Test for each of the four units.  You will receive this in class, but if you want to get a head start on it, it is there for you!  Answer keys are on the last pages of the packet.

2. Under "Extra Support and Help" - There are extra videos for concepts students have had trouble with.  Most of them are just quick 1-2 minute videos working out a PQ problem.  Feel free to ask for any other ones not on the list and I will add them. Just email me at mrskirch@gmail.com with "Unit __, PQ __ # __", with a please, a thank you, and a smiley face! I will post it to the blog (most likely) before I go to bed that night :)

3. Under "Units A-D Test Remediation Videos (from 2012-2013)". If you would like even more preparation for the summer exams, check out the live videos that were recorded during the tutoring sessions for last year's exams.  The exams will be the same type of problems, same order, same length, etc as last year, so these would be a great benefit for you.

Here's the evaluation form! Thanks for contributing your opinion!

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