Thursday, August 29, 2013

Units A-B Test - study study study! (and links to turn in your WPP #1 and #2)

Answer keys - PQ and PT
Units A-D Practice Test Answer 
Key (on pages 5-8)
Extra PracticeUnits A-D Extra Practice Problems
Unit A Concept 6-7 Extra Practice Problems

Please use the resources above to help you out!  (also found on the summer tab)

Review Unit A Concepts 6-7 by putting together and posting your WPP1 and WPP2.  These are due BEFORE CLASS ON TUESDAY, turned in to the google forms here.  

See Directions here (important section copy-pasted below)

  • Title your blog post: WPP# __: Unit __ Concept __: _____________________ (description of concept).
  • Tag your blog post “WPP”
  • *Requires an embedded MentorMob playlist with three steps*
  • *Third step is either an annotated picture or student-created video; pay attention to directions*
  • Please see detailed instructions on how to make a MentorMob playlist, peer grading expectations, etc here
  • 2013-2014 WPP details
    • WPP #1: Unit A Concept 6 - PICTURE
      • Write your own linear model word problem.  Make sure your problem includes information that could be written as two ordered pairs.  The question you pose must include all three parts like the SSS examples: a) linear model (equation), b) a certain week’s value (in between the two weeks given), c) a certain week’s value (extrapolated past given information)
    • WPP #2: Unit A Concept 7 - PICTURE
      • Write your own Profit, Revenue, Cost word problem. Make sure your problem includes information for both a Cost (fixed/variable) equation and a Revenue equation.  The question you pose must ask for: a) Cost Equation; b) Revenue equation; c) Profit Equation; d) Break even point (rounded up); e) Amount of profit at BEP if you had to round up.

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