Tuesday, March 12, 2013


(Will be a formative assessment grade)

For Units O and P, your WSQ charts have not been collected and you have been solely responsible for mastering the content without extrinsic accountability.  You alone have solely been responsible for your learning, motivation, effort, and mastery of the content (with support, of course!).  With that in mind, please respond to the following questions in a thoughtful, well-written blog post.

LOGISTICALLY: Please copy paste the entire prompt into your blog post, maintaining the given color scheme.  Then, underneath each question, type your response in black font where prompted.

1. How have you performed on the Unit O and P tests?  What evidence do you have from your work in the unit that supports your test grade (good or bad)?  Be specific and include a minimum of three pieces of evidence.


2. You are able to learn material in a variety of ways in Math Analysis.  It generally follows this pattern:

→ Your initial source of information is generally the video lessons and SSS packets followed by a processing and reflection activity via the WSQ
→ individual supplemental research online or in the textbook before class
→ reviewing and accessing supplementary resources provided by Mrs. Kirch on the blog
→  discussion with classmates about key concepts
→ practice of math concepts through PQs
→ formatively assessing your progress through concept quizzes
→ cumulatively reviewing material through PTs
→ Final Assessment via Unit Test.

Talk through each of the steps given in the following terms:
a. How seriously do you take this step for your learning?  What evidence do you have to support your claim?  Make sure to make reference to all 8 steps.
b. How could you improve your focus and attention on this step to improve your mastery of the material?  What specific next steps would this entail?  Make sure to make reference to all 8 steps.


3. Reflect on your learning this year thus far by considering the following questions:
a.  How confident do you generally feel on the day of a Unit Test?  Give evidence and specifics to back up your answer.
b.  How well do you feel you have learned the math material this year as compared to your previous years in math? Give evidence to support your claim.
c.  How DEEPLY do you feel you have learned the math material this year as compared to your previous years in math?  Give evidence to support your claim.
d.  Do you normally feel like you understand the WHY behind the math and not just the WHAT/HOW?  Meaning, do you understand why things work, how they are connected to each other, etc, and not just the procedures?  Explain your answer in detail and cite specific evidence from this year.
e. How does your work ethic relate to your performance and success?  What is the value of work ethic in real life?


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