Saturday, August 31, 2013

Re-Assessment Instructions and Details

Re-assessments in my class are a privilege, not a right.  You must show me that you have earned the opportunity to re-assess.  If a student is suspected of taking advantage of the opportunity to re-assess for full credit (i.e. consistently showing up to tests unprepared, not coming to tutoring before a test and not being prepared, etc), they will be refused the right to re-assess.

Re-assessments are used for two reasons:
1. For students to show me they understand a concept better now than they did before.
2. For students to have the opportunity to finish an exam that they did not have time to finish in class. (Students are not allowed to "come back" later in the day to finish an exam. They must turn it in at the end of the period as is and can re-assess on the concepts they did not attempt or finish).

Students may earn up to 100% back on each concept they re-assess on.

In order to re-assess, students must do the following:

  1. Open up the re-assessment application here to see what is required of them in terms of preparation. (Form also embedded below and is linked on the right side of blog for easy access in the future).
  2. Complete what is required of them BEFORE submitting application. (*This does include 30 minutes minimum of tutoring in Mrs. Kirch's room on Tuesday 3-3:30pm; Mon-Wed mornings also available but students must make appointment.  During this time students must fill out the "re-assessment half-sheet" that will be stapled to their re-assessment on Friday.  Students can only get "re-assessment half-sheet" from Mrs. Kirch during their tutoring session.)
  3. Submit application by Wednesday at 9pm (This is a strict deadline; students must show they are taking this opportunity seriously and must meet the deadline.  Submissions are time-stamped.)
  4. Print the Test Template for the unit and highlight the problem #'s and answer boxes of concepts they are re-assessing on. (This must be done BEFORE Friday morning; be prepared!  Students should also have their Original Test, Extra Practice work, etc organized, labeled, and ready to turn in)
  5. Show up on designated Friday morning at 7:15am (and their lunch period if more time is needed).


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Units A-B Test - study study study! (and links to turn in your WPP #1 and #2)

Answer keys - PQ and PT
Units A-D Practice Test Answer 
Key (on pages 5-8)
Extra PracticeUnits A-D Extra Practice Problems
Unit A Concept 6-7 Extra Practice Problems

Please use the resources above to help you out!  (also found on the summer tab)

Review Unit A Concepts 6-7 by putting together and posting your WPP1 and WPP2.  These are due BEFORE CLASS ON TUESDAY, turned in to the google forms here.  

See Directions here (important section copy-pasted below)

  • Title your blog post: WPP# __: Unit __ Concept __: _____________________ (description of concept).
  • Tag your blog post “WPP”
  • *Requires an embedded MentorMob playlist with three steps*
  • *Third step is either an annotated picture or student-created video; pay attention to directions*
  • Please see detailed instructions on how to make a MentorMob playlist, peer grading expectations, etc here
  • 2013-2014 WPP details
    • WPP #1: Unit A Concept 6 - PICTURE
      • Write your own linear model word problem.  Make sure your problem includes information that could be written as two ordered pairs.  The question you pose must include all three parts like the SSS examples: a) linear model (equation), b) a certain week’s value (in between the two weeks given), c) a certain week’s value (extrapolated past given information)
    • WPP #2: Unit A Concept 7 - PICTURE
      • Write your own Profit, Revenue, Cost word problem. Make sure your problem includes information for both a Cost (fixed/variable) equation and a Revenue equation.  The question you pose must ask for: a) Cost Equation; b) Revenue equation; c) Profit Equation; d) Break even point (rounded up); e) Amount of profit at BEP if you had to round up.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

WPP and Blog Stuff!

Make sure to take the time to read the documents put together for you.  We will be looking at everyone one piece at a time and helping you through it, but it will be good to get a general overview and to know where to get help.

FOR WPP 1 AND 2, find the problems you wrote over the summer by clicking on the appropriate link here

(please note: if you are logged in with your SAUSD gmail, you must either log out or change browsers (i.e. Chrome to Firefox) to see these documents.  SAUSD blocks access to anyone logged into their accounts since these documents are made public.)





Monday, August 26, 2013

Welcome back!

Here is your Intro Playlist!


Refer to the WSQ chart you received in class for detailed instructions and tasks for the first week.  Click on this link to go to a copy of the WSQ chart that you can just click on the blue links!
Please see a copy of the information letter here.  Your task list, as shown on the last page, is here:

Watch Parent Intro video (

Email and/or Text Mrs. Kirch (both preferred) with name, student’s name, student’s class period, and any questions or concerns you have.        714-576-6284

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer Packet Exam Details

Please read summer packet exam details for 2013-2014 here (also below).

Once you finish all 12 reflections, please make sure you give us feedback by completing the evaluation form.  This will help us know how we can adjust the assignment for next year's students.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer's End - Important Information

It's hard to believe that summer is soon coming to a close.  I hope that you have been able to rest and enjoy your time.  I have kept busy with my little one, Grayson, who turned 2 months yesterday  (I just have to show him off!).  If you are in my class this year, I'm sure you will hear lots about him and his newfound antics! (There are 7 sections of Math Analysis; I am teaching 3 of them.  Mr. Werdel, Ms. Tamaoki, and I are the teachers this year).

I also hope that you have found the Math Analysis summer packet work to be a nice little "brain wake-up" and beneficial to your learning.  I have enjoyed getting to "know" you as I read your reflections and help support you via your questions on email.  Please take a few minutes to fill out the Summer Packet Evaluation form, to give us feedback on how it went for you and how it could be more beneficial, here. (Also embedded below)

If you have fallen behind, there is still time to get caught up before school begins.  The first day of school is Tuesday, August 27th.  I will update this blog with a new post explaining the first week of school expectations and summer exam plans before then, once I confirm with the other teachers.  Regardless of if you have met all the deadlines or you have yet to begin your work, please know that the work is mandatory and must be completed.  You don't want to have an insane first week of school, so get it done now! :)

Don't forget to track your progress on the tracking spreadsheet here.  If you feel you have completed a reflection and it doesn't say it is complete, you must contact me and ask. Most likely you typed in your ID wrong and so it didn't code correctly.  If you don't take the initiative it will not get corrected.

There are several important items I suggest you check out on the Summer Tab:

1. Under "Links to Important Documents" - there is a Practice Test for each of the four units.  You will receive this in class, but if you want to get a head start on it, it is there for you!  Answer keys are on the last pages of the packet.

2. Under "Extra Support and Help" - There are extra videos for concepts students have had trouble with.  Most of them are just quick 1-2 minute videos working out a PQ problem.  Feel free to ask for any other ones not on the list and I will add them. Just email me at with "Unit __, PQ __ # __", with a please, a thank you, and a smiley face! I will post it to the blog (most likely) before I go to bed that night :)

3. Under "Units A-D Test Remediation Videos (from 2012-2013)". If you would like even more preparation for the summer exams, check out the live videos that were recorded during the tutoring sessions for last year's exams.  The exams will be the same type of problems, same order, same length, etc as last year, so these would be a great benefit for you.

Here's the evaluation form! Thanks for contributing your opinion!